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Canyon De Chelly

For nearly 5,000 years’ people have lived in these canyons – longer than anyone has lived uninterrupted in the Colorado Plateau. Journey back in time by taking one of our tours.

All Day Tour

Take a tour of the entire length of Canyon De Chelly and Canyon Del Muerto. You will travel approximately 60 miles throughout the spectacular canyons stopping at the base of the 800-foot monolith, Spider Rock.

Departs at 9:00 am each day.

Highlights include

  • Mummy Cave
  • Spider Rock
  • All other major ruins included on the 4-hour tour

Click here for more information on the All Day Tour

4-Hour Tour

Choose from Morning (9 am), Afternoon (2 pm) or Sunset (4 pm) departure times. Our Sunset tours are offered seasonally from April through October.

During the 4-Hour Tour, you will travel approximately 24 miles on the breathtaking canyon floor.

Highlights include

  • Antelope House
  • White House Ruins
  • Navajo Fortress

Click here for more information on the 4-hour tour

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